Wedding Cake in Transit

The whole process of a wedding cake is scary. For me, the scariest part is the delivery.

The last delivery I made was a 47 mile journey up to Seahouses on a sunny Saturday morning.

The key thing for me is preparation. I start a few days before by ringing the venue, checking what time the room will be set up and if I haven’t been there before what the access is like (front, side, back, stairs etc…)

I then head over to Google Maps and check the roads – especially when it’s a new venue to me as sometimes my sat nav cannot be trusted!

Then I have a morning routine of boxing the cake up (very sturdy with handles, non slip mat and lid all secure). Once boxed I do the ‘jiggle’ test – just a small wobble when I pick it up – honestly, if it doesn’t move, it’s going to be fine!

My emergency kit usually consists of glue, knife, scissors, ribbon, sugarpaste, and any spare bits I might needs, so flowers, leaves, spare hair (for brides and grooms obviously!!)

Another non slip mat is in my boot, my ‘wedding cake in transit’ sign is on the back of my car and I’m ready to go! (Oh and I always have plenty of petrol in before I set off!!)

Slow and steady always wins the race, or delivers the wedding cake safely in my case, and I’m never intimidated by other drivers. I will not pull out in traffic and I will not be pushed (although sometimes cars are really close because they want to read my sign!!)


I always try and arrive at least 2 hours before the wedding (sometimes it just isn’t practical) but I always deliver on the same day.
Usually venues are really good, so lifts or a trolley are a great help but for me, I usually just carry the cake myself.

Then it’s getting the cake onto the stand – sometimes it goes really smoothly. Sometimes there are guests milling around and want to chat – smile, breathe and get it done!

Once I’ve taken pictures from every angle (I never ask the venue to sign a disclaimer), I’m free! (Aka the happy dance!!)



Before I start my return 47 mile journey home I have to pop into SwallowFish. Smokie salmon pieces for tea and a hot kipper in a bun for lunch – delicious!