What would you say no to?

What would you say no to?

In cake terms of course! I’m asking this question today as a Belfast bakery refused to decorate a cake with the slogan “support gay marriage” because of their Christian beliefs. They didn’t refuse because of the persons sexuality but because of the message itself.

I won’t go into all the details but if you want to read more on the case click here – http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/feb/01/gay-cake-row-i-changed-my-mind-ashers-bakery-freedom-of-conscience-religion

There was also a piece on Radio Newcastle this morning which I had my 2 minutes of fame!

I hate saying no. It’s very rare to be honest, but I do draw the line with very rude cakes! (I’m not a prude, but some things are not meant to be made out of sugar!) What I tend to say is either that I’m fully booked or I give a really high price and that tends to make the decision for me!

In my view, my business is my business. I’m the manager, administrator, receptionist and cleaner! I can refuse to serve or say no to an order if I want without an explanation.

So tell me, when do you draw the line? When something’s too complicated or intricate? Too time consuming? Just not something you want to make? Can’t be bothered!!??!! I’d love to know!