Sunday Nights 

I love going out on a Sunday night. Our working week is usually Monday to Saturday and we’re both knackered by Saturday night, usually nodding off by 8pm! So having a day off (sometimes) on a Sunday is a perfect excuse to go out, plus it’s quieter and cheaper!

We (Graemeand I ) try and find different places to eat locally, usually through one of the deal websites (Groupon/Living Social) but last week we ventured into town to The Botanist.

It was restaurant week and we took advantage of their 2 courses for £10 offer. Nowadays I like to have eaten, drank and be back home for 9pm (gone are the days of nightclubbing until 2am) but they only had reservations for 8.30pm onwards, so 8.30 it was!

We arrived super early (7.45)  and guess what, the place was pretty quiet (as I suspected) and so we got seated straight away with a table overlooking Grey Street.

We already knew what we were having (the luxury of online menus!) so ordered both drinks and meals at the same time (cuts down on the faffing about!) Our drinks came (which were wrong but immediately rectified) and then our starters. Both the soup and the hummus were well presented and delicious. Then we had the obligatory hanging kebabs – one chicken, one prawn. More chicken than prawns I have to add but delicious all the same, especially the garlic butter sauce!  I won’t bore you with pictures as I think everyone knows what a hanging kebab looks like!

We finished off our pints (all £10 of them!),  paid the bill and completed the survey on their tablet!

We did a quick wander upstairs to the roof terrace, just to say we had seen it and made our way back downstairs (my advice, take the lift up!)

We did enjoy the food but the seating (too low), lighting (too dark) and live singer (too loud) were very offputting.

Would we return? No I don’t think so, unless Graeme grew a hipster beard and squeezed himself into a pair of too tight jeans!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Nights ”

  1. Lol, your review made me giggle! Sounds like you weren’t overly impressed with the place. I’ve only been once for a family sunday lunch, so it was flooded with gorgeous natural light with all that glass so it was an altogether different experience. I thought the quality of the food was really great, but yes the drinks are pretty steep!

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