The guilty side of cake decorating

Apart from saying no (to cake orders I must add!) my guilty feelings kick in when I go on holiday.

We’ve just had a week away and although I haven’t turned any orders away, I still feel guilty for closing the shop.

We love going away in January. It’s quiet and cold so some sunshine is just what we needed! We flew on Thursday and a very good customer wanted a cake for the Friday so although I said no, she insisted that it would be OK for Wednesday so I agreed.


So off we went for a week away – answerphone message set and closed sign on our shop door. It’s pretty difficult nowadays to get away from anything completely. I can remember about 4 years ago when we had our first holiday since opening the business. We took our small laptop with us and every other night we sat in the hotel bar (the only place that you get a wifi signal) before dinner to check our messages and orders. Most hotels now have brilliant signals and I could even get wifi in the cave we visited, so there’s no escape!

The snow hit when we arrived back which delayed our flight but as I had two orders for Saturday I was straight back to work on Thursday night after we landed.


So we’re back to normal now. Settling back into the cold and catching up on emails, it feels like we’ve never been away!

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