Have you made a New Years resolution? 

I’m not taking about the usual stuff – eat more healthily, exercise more etc… I’m taking about something you can actually achieve!

I was talking to one of my students a few weeks ago and she was saying that she really wants to take more time and care with her cake orders and I actually said I want to do the opposite! Well that’s not strictly true, I just think I need to care a little less! Does that make sense?

I really do spend too much time overthinking things and if you’ve read my cakes=stress post you’ll know why! (if not then go and read it!)

Which brings me onto mindfulness. I recently listened to someone who made total sense (up to a point, I’ll get to that later) of the whole thing. Before then I just thought it was a load of rubbish, like yoga! I just didn’t get it!

So for me, mindfulness is all about now, right this minute, today.

Not thinking about the past and the mistakes I’ve made that I can’t do anything about, or the future and how I can’t predict what’s going to happen (or if the cutter I really need for an order is going to arrive in time!) It’s about today and making the most of it. Enjoying it, whatever you’re doing, not spoiling it by thinking about the past or future.

Obviously, I always think ahead and love a list (or two) but I need to start thinking about today and enjoying the moment, because I do think I’m missing out and life is passing me by!

If you’re sitting with a cuppa reading this then think about; Is it your favourite mug? Is it a special tea or coffee?

What happens more than often is that we make a cuppa then start doing something else and it goes cold. Don’t let it go cold!

Love today and make sure you enjoy it!

Happy New Year!

P.S. The bit I didn’t understand was about thinking about where my tea came from… Mine came from Lidl 😉

5 thoughts on “Have you made a New Years resolution? ”

  1. Mindfulness is very effective. I first learned about it when I was recovering from cancer a few years ago and I still try and use it in everyday life. Absolutely no point in worrying about the things you can’t control. Hope you stick to your resolution, good luck x

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