Sugarcraft Classes


What a week! All cakes went out smoothly, you’ll be pleased to hear, and although I started the week off thinking “how on earth is this going to happen” it went pretty well! (Apart from Graeme having man flu and loosing the will to live from cutting out 540 miniature circles – yes, I counted them!)


Saturday I had 2 sugarcraft classes. The morning class went really well, then the snow hit! I had 6 booked in for the afternoon class but only 3 turned up! Which was absolutely brilliant, given the driving conditions! (this is true dedication thank you Laura and Julie!)


Todays class was great! We had lots of fun, laughter and a bit of swearing! (I think I might start a swear box!) It’s so lovely to see people’s imagination and creativity come out in their designs!
It then got me thinking back to when I started teaching. It was way back in 2006 when I went through my demonstrator training with the British Sugarcraft Guild. I was like a rabbit in headlights but I knew from then it was something I would grow to love. It was very daunting at first (my first assessment was a nightmare, my hands were shaking and I can’t even remember finishing!) but the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it. It feels so good demonstrating to a variety of people who share your enthusiasm!
I went through my teaching qualifications and I’m now an Accredited demonstrator, an assessor and committee member for the BSG and I also teach for Newcastle Council, run my own classes in my shop and go out and about to give one to one lessons.

What I love the most is when I can help people grow and improve their skills. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see their faces when they finish their creations!

For anyone thinking of teaching sugarcraft then the BSG is the way forward. The knowledge and confidence I gained from the training seminars was invaluable.

For anyone wanting to try sugarcraft, why not come along to one of my classes, you’ll love it!




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