Black Friday and the WI

  • Now I know what you’re thinking, how one earth are these two connected, well let me tell you…

This week has been all about teaching. I love teaching and demonstrating (there’s a whole back story to this which I will tell you all about in my next post) and this week I’ve had classes and demonstrations every day. Today and yeterday were both with the Women’s Institute. Yesterday was a demonstration to 80+ women which was great fun, especially as it was the first time I’d used a microphone (I felt like a pop star!) Today was part demonstration and part hands on to a smaller group of 18.

Now the Black Friday part. I knew it was happening and after last years chaos I didn’t want to go anywhere near a shop!

I was driving to the church hall this morning, whilst listening to BBC Newcastle, and they were interviewing people at the MetroCentre. A few of them had been there since ten to six waiting for the shops to open! I was really engrossed with their stories and just as I was turning off the main road I noticed a young couple with a large fishing net collecting blackberries. What a contrast if I ever did see one! They were probably blissfully unaware that there was a massive sale on!

Now I only live about 6 miles from the MetroCentre and it really made me think about how different people live their lives!

We had such a fun day, making Christmas characters, I was only planning to stay for the morning but I was ‘persuaded’ to stay for lunch and was very pleased I did. We had (all homemade) soup with, fresh out of the bread maker, bread, then quiche and salad and we finished off with lemon drizzle cake and a cuppa!


I am now resting my rather full stomach whilst looking for a bread maker in the Black Friday sales!


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