Welcome to my shiny new blog


Well hello! Fancy seeing you here!

Hopefully you’re here because you love cakes, sugarcraft and anything cake related! If not then I might just convert you so please keep reading!

So I think I’ll start with a little bit about me… I’m Karen and I’m 38 and live ‘Up North’ in a little village called Rowlands Gill (not far from the Newcastle Upon Tyne or the MetroCentre). I’ve been making cakes for 18 years. Starting off for family and friends (as you do) I now have an established cake making and sugarcraft supplies shop.

I’ll keep my first post short and let you know what I’ve got planned for you. From my point of view my life is quite boring – get up, do stuff, go to bed and repeat. But sometimes funny stuff, irritating stuff and horrible stuff happens so this is what you’ll get. I’m not promising it will be regular or interesting but hopefully it will give you something to read while your waiting for the kettle to boil or waiting for your computer to load your 50 million emails since yesterday!

I’ll leave it there as I’m really struggling to get to grips with how this blogging thing works and I feel like I’ve been trying to write this for 200 hours (actually only an hour!)

See you soon x

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